modular components national

Welcome to Modular Components National

Modular Components National has been serving the RF and Microwave Industry since 1981, specializing in the manufacturing of PTFE substrates. Our unique in-house machining technology allows MCN to offer a wide variety of manufacturing capabilities including:

  • Single/Double Sided
  • Hybrid Multilayers (PTFE & FR4 Mixed)
  • All PTFE Multilayers
  • Metal Core Multilayers
  • Prebonded Metal Backed
  • Postbonded Metal Backed

MCN specializes in high reliability and tight tolerence requirements for the Defense, Aerospace, Telecommunications, and Medical Markets. Our experience with materials from Arlon, Rogers, and Taconic in RF, Microwave, and Millimeter Wave applications affords our customers superior products with innovative solutions to their design requirements.

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